Doctors saved a 3 years old child who swallowed 31 magnetic balls.

Surgeons of the Children’s Emergency Hospital using fibrogastroscopy a powerful magnet removed balls from the stomach of a three-year-old boy.

Alles Europa news reports that In Tomsk, doctors saved a child who swallowed 31 magnetic balls.

Noticing the child’s abdominal pain, the parents turned to the doctors, thanks to which they managed to avoid serious consequences.


One ball has already penetrated the intestines and within a few hours it would be connected with those magnetic balls that were in the stomach, as a result of which perforation with serious peritonitis and more complicated surgical intervention could occur.

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According to Andrei Karavaev, chief physician of the emergency hospital No. 2, more than 10 such cases have occurred in the last 4 years:

“These are the most difficult operations. Children often swallow dozens of magnets that stick together and seize the intestinal wall and are no longer able to separate themselves.

“As a result, there are multiple perforations, ending with peritonitis. Only surgery will save. Inside the child’s stomach and intestines, they look like bullets after shooting”.


Karavaev noted that daily observing the consequences of swallowing magnets, he would have banned the sale of such toys.

Not only babies swallow magnets, children of a conscious age also find themselves on operating tables.

“In our practice, there was a case when a 12-year-old child swallowed 87 such balls,” the doctor noted.

Children often take them for pastry topping with cakes and pastries.

Alles Europa news reports Tomsk as a city on the Tom River in Siberia, Russia.

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